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 Our Core Strengths
Our strength lies in building innovative "truly intelligent" Products that can "think" and "talk" as humans.  "Intelligence" is at the heart of everything we build.  This is being accomplished using state of the art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Multi Agents Systems, Wearable Computing & HCI Techniques.  Also our products run on multiple devices (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, Phablets, Google Glasses) and have multiple User Interfaces (GUI, Voice, Telephony) giving 100% accessibility to the users.
Products - IntelliGame
Travel Mate.... online travel search & planning

Travel Mate is a travel search, planning & booking website which provides internet users with a web based interface to search & book flights within the United States.  This website provides web based anywhere, anytime access thereby catering to the travel planning needs of the users.  It simplifies the process of travel planning by remembering user preferences & profile details including payment options & most frequently access routes.  It uses state of the art "Artificial Intelligence" algorithms and "learns" user interaction patterns over a period of time and then automatically sort search results based on user preference and user interaction history patterns.

Upcoming Features

The Travel Mate team is working diligently to improve your travel experience by offering more innovative features including:

  1. Integration with maps (whereby the user can graphically see their itinerary)

  2. Integration with social networking websites such as Facebook where the user's travel plans will be published on their Facebook page & the user will also be alerted about similar travel deals obtained by their Facebook friends.