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 Our Core Strengths
Our strength lies in building innovative "truly intelligent" Products that can "think" and "talk" as humans.  "Intelligence" is at the heart of everything we build.  This is being accomplished using state of the art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Multi Agents Systems, Wearable Computing & HCI Techniques.  Also our products run on multiple devices (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, Phablets, Google Glasses) and have multiple User Interfaces (GUI, Voice, Telephony) giving 100% accessibility to the users.
Products - IntelliCommerce Agent
IntelliCommerce Agent.... providing you with a new way to search & buy products online.

IntelliCommerce Agent is a speech activated mobile virtual assistant that provides you with a new way to perform e-commerce operations online including searching & buying goods based on multiple criteria by having a truly human conversation "in simple plain English" from the user's mobile phone.  The users may not even look at the screen and can perform the e-commerce operations just by using their phone & talking in plain English sentences.

IntelliCommerce Shopping Agent is a truly natural Language App that

  1. Lets you describe your online shopping requirements in plain English sentences (e.g. you can say "I am looking for the cheapest branded LCD monitor between 35" to 50" costing less than $1000.  I don't want to spend more than $25 on shipping.  I at least require a 1 year warranty.").

  2. It really UNDERSTANDS what you speak in English & your INTENT (e.g. you can say "I am wondering whether I should go for a LED or LCD monitor?", it truly understands that you are comparing the LED and LCD options "for a Samsung monitor" described in the previous sentence and assist you in doing the same by comparing the pros & cons of the products).

  3. It RESPONDS back like a human in case of ambiguity or when clarification is sought (e.g. "I don't know if you meant a Samsung Galaxy or a tablet or a Samsung TV or a Samsung monitor.")

GUI, the graphical user interface, is an optional interface to view details.

To sum it up, users don't have to understand the complex ways of entering inputs by finding the right screen & then entering the right options for complex tasks, call a customer service agent.  The IntelliCommerce Shopping Agent lets the users talk in plain English, understands their needs & asks the right questions to get the job done.

IntelliCommerce Agent Architecture

IntelliCommerce uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Multi Agents Systems Techniques as described below.

The Agent Architecture describes the bird's eye view of all the components of the IntelliCommerce building blocks.

The IntelliCommerce is based on an Agent based Architecture.  the input percepts/signals are in the form of text entered in the form of the English language.  the meaning of the input text is then deciphered and fed into the World Model Updater.  World Model Updater stores all the long-term knowledge in the form of lexicons and ontology and decision support knowledge as well as the fact repository.  The final output is the new model, which factors in the meaning derived from the most recent text.

The output is then fed into decision-oriented reasoning & the final action is given to the actuators.  In this case the output action is the response statement spoken by the IntelliCommerce Agent.