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  • Neuro Systems successfully integrates its IntelliGame Intelligence framework for gaming client EA Sports.
  • IntelliGame adds Intelligence to the gaming characters helping them make decisions & plan things & speak in English using NLP capabilities that are comparable to human counterparts.

  • TravelMate revolutionizes travel search, planning & booking.
  • TravelMate provides a web based interface to search & book flights within North America by using AI & Machine Learning to learn user interaction patterns & user preferences and makes recommendations based on user's character traits, habits, financial status, and most frequently access routes.

  • IGT Awards a gaming implementation to Neuro Systems for building Motion/Action Games on a 2D & 3D Worlds using state of the art AI/Knowledge Engineering algorithms.

  • Neuro Systems starts beta testing IntelliCommerce Agent which is a speech activated mobile virtual assistant that provides users with a natural way of buying online commodities by having a truly human conversation "in simple plain English" from the user's mobile phone.
  • Erie Insurance signs up for Neuro Systems' InsureESS PMS (Portfolio Management Systems) features based on an ASP model.

  • Transamerica chooses InsureESS from Neuro Systems to offer Employee Benefits / 401K Investment Management for Insurance Companies & their employees.
  • Gieco & Allstate deploys InsureESS - Benefits / 401K Managements Applications to provide their employees with options to diversify their portoflio by making 401K investments.


Our strength lies in building innovative "truly intelligent" Products that can "think" & "talk" as humans.  "Intelligence" is at the heart of everything we build.  This is being accomplished by using state of the art technologies such as:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Multi Agents Systems
  • Semantic Web
  • Wearable Computing
  • Human Computer Interfaces
Neuro Systems is an Innovative Solutions Provider that provides a range of Information Technology Product Development & Strategy Services as well as End to End support on:
  • Rich Internet App Development
  • Mobile/Tablet Development - RWD
  • Google Glass App Development
  • ERP Implementation & Customization
  • Insurance Application Development
  • Smart Appliances - App Development
  • Natural Language Solution Offerings