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 Our Core Strengths
Our strength lies in building innovative "truly intelligent" Products that can "think" and "talk" as humans.  "Intelligence" is at the heart of everything we build.  This is being accomplished using state of the art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Multi Agents Systems, Wearable Computing & HCI Techniques.  Also our products run on multiple devices (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, Phablets, Google Glasses) and have multiple User Interfaces (GUI, Voice, Telephony) giving 100% accessibility to the users.
Neuro Systems successfully integrates its IntelliGame Intelligence framework for gaming client EA Sports.

IntelliGame adds intelligence to the gaming characters helping them make decisions & plan things & speak in English using NLP capabilities that are comparable to human counterparts.

IGT Awards a gaming implementation to Neuro Systems for building Motion/Action Games on a 2D & 3D Worlds using state of the art AI / Knowledge Engineering algorithms.

Neuro Systems starts beta testing IntelliCommerce Agent which is a speech activated mobile virtual assistant that provides users with a natural way of buying online commodities by having a truly human conversation "in simple plain English" from the user's mobile phone.

TravelMate revolutionizes travel search, planning & booking.  TravelMate provides a web based interface to search & book flights within North America by using AI & Machine Learning to learn user interaction patterns & user preferences & makes recommendations based on user's character traits, habits, financial status, & most frequently access routes.

Transamerica chooses InsureESS from Neuro Systems to offer Employee Benefits / 401K Investment Management for Insurance Companies & their employees.

Geico & Allstate deployes InsureESS - Benefits / 401K Management Applications to provide their employees with options to diversify their portfolio by making 401K investments.

Erie Insurance signs up for Neuro Systems' InsureESS PMS (Portfolio Management Systems) features based on an ASP model.